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To Contact ELCC

Before you email us....
If you're emailing us about our Web site, thank you in advance for your interest! But if you want to send us a question or comment about Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) or Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs offered by your jurisdiction, you can find the right number to call or address to contact by selecting your province or territory from the Contact list.

If you do email us....
When you email us at NC-DPE_AGJE-ECD_ELCC-GD@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca, our system will automatically send you an acknowledgement message. Except in rare cases, we send no further reply to incoming emails. In particular, we CANNOT respond to questions about your own eligibility for any ELCC or ECD programs.

Why we can't provide information by email....
At this time, the ECD / ELCC website is primarily an information service. It provides electronic access to the majority of the public information that governments have developed about ECD / ELCC programs. We cannot respond to enquiries because each province or territory has staff who are happy to answer questions about the programs and services they offer. We also cannot respond to program or service enquiries received by email because of security and confidentiality requirements. We do however, welcome comments and suggestions on our ECD / ELCC website. You can email them to NC-DPE_AGJE-ECD_ELCC-GD@hrsdc-rhdcc.gc.ca.


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